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Hi, my name is Cydney Higgins. I am passionate about nature & love formulating herbal personal care products. I have an enduring entreprenurial spirit which motivates me to provide high quality, products and service.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Leadership in Healthcare. I have worked as a Nurse for 29 years and as a Nurse Manager for the last 16 years. Prior to that, I studied fashion merchandizing and worked in retail sales for many years.

More recently, I have completed certificate training in Herbalism at the intermediate level and I continue to study herbalism, wholesale marketing as well as natural skincare formulation.

I grew up in Victoria and for the last 21 years I have lived in the amazing mountain town of Nelson in the southeast area of British Columbia. I live with my husband; our son and daughter have grown up and are creating lives of their own.