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Since using Immersion Botanica products I have noticed my wrinkles have lessened, and my skin stays moist all day without reapplying products. The scents are natural and no one complains about being allergic to me! At my age I use way more moisturizing products all over my body, and I am nervous about using mainstream products because I don't know what's in them. Immersion Botanica are products I can use without guilt or concerns. I trust that these ingredients are good for my body and I unreservedly use them through my day. I keep a spritzer in the car and at my desk and I freshen up through my day. I want my daughters to continue to use these products because I know they're not putting more pollutants into their systems. Thank you Cydney for creating products that I feel good about using and would definitely recommend to anyone. I would buy them as gifts for sure...I know my friends will love this product line as much as I do!


I have very sensitive skin and found that my previous skin care regime left my face red, tight feeling, and dry. Since switching to Immersion Botanica, my skin feels cleansed and moisturized, without being overly greasy or oily. Each product smells delicious and the products compliment each other well when used together. My skin care regime has now become an enjoyment of my day. I would highly recommend this product line to anyone looking to incorporate more natural based skin care ingredients without having to sacrifice effectiveness.


Before I started using Immersion Botanica products my skin was covered in breakouts and I was wearing foundation every day to cover them up. Now my skin is clear and glowing and I rarely use foundation or makeup to cover my skin. I previously used products formulated for breakouts that would strip my skin and leave it red and irritated. Immersion Botanica products are so gentle that I actually look forward to washing my face at the end of the day!


I use the hydrating mist, and the facial nutrient serum every morning, and the gentle exfoliating night serum every evening. My skin looks better, and feels better.